Have You Ever Wondered Where The Flower Girl Tradition Originated?

History of the Flower GirlThe flower girl’s role in a wedding has always been an important one. In many cultures throughout history, arranged marriages were prevalent and the main reason for the marriage was to join two families together with a child. The historical purpose of the flower girl was to give a blessing of fertility to the new couple.  In modern times, the flower girl may still symbolize wishes of fertility and the forming of a new family, but the role has definitely expanded.

The Modern Flower Girl Tradition

Today, the flower girl role is quite flexible. Most flower girls range between the ages of three and ten years old.  There may be one flower girl or even a couple, and they may walk, skip or even be wheeled in an adorable wagon down the aisle. She may carry a bouquet of flowers, basket of petals to drop down the aisle or even a pretty lantern. Some brides and grooms have even elected to include their fur-babies in place of a flower girl and ring bearer, and others have picked up a newer tradition of giving the flower girl duties to a grandmother.

Flower Girl Dress

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