The Groom’s Wedding Duties

Pearl's Place Groom's Traditional Wedding ResponsiblitiesMany people believe that the groom’s responsibilities are limited to simply showing up on time, but the groom actually has a lot more duties to add to their groom’s wedding To-Do list.

Don’t worry, most of the items will involve some help, but it is important to know that you play a very important role in the wedding planning process. Whether the groom is helping with the guest list or preparing a speech for his toast, there is a lot to be done.

Here are the traditional list of the groom’s duties:

  1. The Ring (s) – Many grooms-to-be take a chance and select the engagement ring for their bride-to-be on their own; however, many brides are also involved in selecting their ring. But, the wedding bands is normally done as a team.
  2. Wedding Party – The Groom’s Traditional Wedding Duties include selecting his best man, groomsmen, and ushers. In many cases, he will also choose the attire for the groom’s wedding party and even the thank-you gifts for his wedding party.
  3. Wedding Guest List – The groom is supposed to provide the guest list and his parents’ guest list for the wedding.
  4. Marriage License – The groom is responsible for making arrangements and purchasing the marriage license.
  5. Bride Gift – The groom will need to select a gift for his bride. This is sometimes one of the hardest items on the groom’s list to accomplish.
  6. Toasts – The groom must give a toast at the rehearsal dinner and the reception.
  7. First Dance – Whether you like it or not, you will have to dance the first dance with your bride. It does not have to be elaborate, but it certainly can be. In addition, you may also dance with your mother, mother-in-law, and the maid/matron of honor.
  8. Cutting Cake – Most couples will cut their wedding cake together.
  9. Honeymoon – In the past, Groom’s Traditional Wedding Duties included planning and purchasing the honeymoon. Today, this is normally a joint decision.

Remember, a wedding is a huge event to plan that has a lot of moving parts. Treat all of the planning as the first major event that you will do together as lifelong partners. Have fun with it and try not to get stressed out. But, if you think you could use a little expert help, consider getting a wedding planner. For more great tips, check out our blog – HERE.