The Perfect Dress

Prom PhotoThe wedding dress will be the most important dress you will select in the future. But until your wedding day, your prom dress will be the most important dress decision. Take your time selecting the perfect color, exact fit, and chic style. Take your time and don’t just select the first dress you find in the mall. You may even want to consider ordering to perfecting and Pearl’s Place Bridal can help you find the perfect Prom Dress. Once you have the perfect dress, you have one of the most important parts for great prom photos.

Location Location Location

The perfect Prom Photo comes from selecting a great setting. Considering choosing a simple background because it will help make you, your date and friends the focus of the picture. If you have time, consider heading to the Lakefront and take a photo on one of the benches that overlook Lake Pontchartrain. You can also go to one of the bridges in City Park or take a photo by one of the beautiful oak trees throughout Audubon Park. If you do not have time to travel before the Prom, a blank wall will work, staircase, or even at the prom itself.

Lighting Is Very Important

Lighting is extremely important to take the perfect Prom Photo. Now, you don’t have to run out and get professional lighting to take quality photos. All you need is good outdoor lighting and timing is important. The best time of day to take photos is a dusk and dawn if you are planning on taking photos outdoors. If you are taking them indoors, try to get enough light with minimal shade.

Take Your Time With Your Prom Photos

Take your time and have fun. If you are taking a group photo, have a little fun positioning everyone. You do not want everyone lined up in a single file line. Consider incorporating chairs into your group photo to add dimension and fun. If you are taking couple photos, makes sure you take a lot of different photos in varied poses. If your date is not at the optimal height, consider using a chair or taking photos on stairs. Make sure you take enough photos to ensure all parties have their eyes open.  Don’t forget to also capture some non-traditional Prom Photos as they may end up being your favorite.

Pearls Place Bridal

Pearl’s Place Bridal specializes in a huge selection of mother of the bride and mother of the groom gowns. We carry lots of designers including Jovani, Morilee, Jade Couture, Montage by Mon Cheri, Soulmates, Janique and many more. Our seasoned professionals know how to dress you for your special event. We boast the largest selection of mother of the bride/groom and grandmother of the bride/groom gowns. Whether you are looking for something chic and sleek or something va va voom and glamorous, Pearl’s place has you covered. See our Mother of the Bride/Groom gallery – HERE.