You’ve Said YES and the Engagement Ring is Beautiful, but …..

Once you have become engaged, you probably find yourself staring at the shiny piece of jewelry on your ring finger, mesmerized by its beauty and symbolism. It is completely understandable that you would never want to take off your engagement ring; however, there are a few situations that you may want to keep the ring in a safe place. Here are some situations that you may want to consider when you should not wear your engagement ring.

Engagement Ring


Whether you are swimming in a chlorinated pool or playing in the salt water waves on the beach, take your engagement ring off when swimming. Salt water, chlorine and sunscreen can all damage the sparkle of your new ring. They can cause corrosion, discoloration and the sand can get behind the stone just to name a few things to think about.

Working Out

Did you know that steel can damage precious metals? So, if you are using hand weights while lifting weights or putting pressure onto the tine circle during yoga, leave the ring at home to protect it.


Take your engagement ring off before cooking chicken, meat or fish because bacteria can easily get caught iunder the stone. Spices and other cooking items can get caught in the setting which can be very difficult to clean.


Showering, body washes, and moisturizers can really take away the bright and shiny sparkle of an engagement ring. Try to take off your ring before you shower or take a bath. However, if you are just washing your hands, especially when you are not in your home, leave your ring on because you do not want to lose it down the sink.

Damaged or Does Not Fit Correctly

If you ring is damaged, wait until it is fixed to wear it. This tip also goes for a ring that is too big or too small. Don’t take chances with your ring, especially before it is insured.

Not Insured?

Do not wear your ring until it is insured. Most likely your homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover your engagement ring. So, before you start wearing your ring, get it insured and keep it safe from possible mishaps.


Many people decide not to bring their engagement ring or even the wedding ring on vacation. Vacations are lots of fun with a lot of things going on from scuba diving and skiing to Broadway shows and going out to eat. You may want to consider leaving your expensive jewelry at home.

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