What Does RSVP Mean?

RSVPRSVP is an abbreviation for the French phrase ‘Repondez, s’il vous plaît,’ which translates to ‘Respond, if you please‘ or ‘Respond please.’

The Wedding RSVP

There are endless possibilities when it comes to selecting a wedding invitation that include a variety of options like paper, colors, printing methods, calligraphy, and even custom stamps. The average cost of a wedding invitation alone is about 4 to 6 percent of the overall wedding budget. In Louisiana, the average cost of a wedding is around $35,000 which means, on average, the invitations alone can range from $1400 to $2100. The wedding RSVP is a very important part of the invitation, because it will help to determine the overall guest count. Some invitations will have a separate, pre-stamped RSVP card and envelope to return to the couple and yet others may have an email RSVP. Whether the RSVP is printed on paper or digital, it is important for all guests to respond to the RSVP.

The Importance Of Responding To The RSVP

Responding to the RSVP is extremely important. Whether you plan on attending the wedding or not, it is proper manners to respond by the provided deadline. Every single guest has a cost at a wedding. For example, if 100 people have RSVP’d and the wedding food and beverage budget is $20,000, this means that each guest is about $200 just for food and beverages. The total headcount will impact catering, rental chairs, cake size, and even the wedding favors. Most RSVP replies have a return date of about three weeks prior to the wedding date to get an accurate head count for the venue and catering.

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