Don’t Forget About The Importance Of Self-Care During Your Wedding Planning Process

importance of self-careYour wedding is one of the most important days of your life. You have been dreaming about your dress, walking down the aisle, and your first dance. Now that your wedding day is scheduled, it is time to to start making your lists from the photographer to the catering, but don’t forget to schedule in time for you. The importance of self-care throughout the wedding planning process is essential, but we have created a list of 5 things to help you stay healthy and reduce your stress before your big day.

Create A Routine

One of the best ways to prepare for your big wedding day is to reduce your stress by creating a routine. Get enough sleep each day by waking up and going to bed a regular hours. Incorporate at least one hour a day devoted to doing things just for your “self-care” from a massage to working out. Consider trying a new hobby like painting, biking or even reading.

Schedule Relaxing Time

As you settle into your routine, make sure that you create some time to relax. Whether you like to read a book, good to yoga, or simply do nothing, schedule that “self-care time” into your routine and stick to it.


It is very important to get enough sleep in every single night. If you get too stressed out and do not sleep at night, you may get sick. If you get sick the week of your wedding or on your wedding day, it will definitely impact all of your plans and put a shadow on your wedding enjoyment.

Eat A Balanced Diet

It is important to make sure that you eat a balanced diet whether you are trying to lose weight, gain weight or even to maintain your present weight. Eating a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables and proteins will help fuel your body and your mind. Try to stay away from unhealthy foods, but remember dessert is still okay to enjoy especially when sampling your wedding cake flavors.

Ask For Help

Do not try to do everything yourself. There are a lot of benefits to hiring a wedding planner because s/he can help you plan and complete your entire wedding checklist. (See more about the benefits of a wedding planner – HERE). Ask your friends and family for help. Prioritize the most important items on your list and make sure those get done first.

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