What Is A Going Away Outfit?

Reception Dress & Jumpsuit | Pearls Place BridalThe “Going Away” outfit is a tradition where the bride would change from the formal wedding dress into another outfit to embark on the honeymoon. The Going Away outfit is a symbol of the couple transitioning into a new life together. Did you know that grooms change into less formal attire too? But, this particular tradition is not as popular with brides today and has been replaced with the Reception Dress.

What Is A Reception Dress?

Many brides purchase two dresses for their special wedding day – A Wedding Dress and a Reception Dress. A wedding dress is typically more formal. If the wedding ceremony is taking place in a church or synagogue, the style of the dress may have to be modest.  Many of these locations require that the dress be a certain length,  have a modest bust-line, and even sleeves. These requirements may reduce the exact look that a bride really wants to select for her perfect dress. So, the best solution is a reception gown or a going away outfit.

A bride may also really love her chosen wedding dress, but she may also fall in love with a completely different style dress that is less formal. Why choose one when you can have them both? Have one that is formal and another that is more casual and fun. In addition, many brides will invest in a reception dress because of tradition or because she desires a dress that she can enjoy wearing more at her reception. In many cases, the reception gown will be a Going Away Outfit too.

Pearl’s Place Bridal Offers Selection

The most important part of selecting the perfect wedding dress and reception dress is selection. Pearl’s Place Bridal has a huge selection of all of the best designers and team that will help you find the perfect wedding dress and reception dress for your wedding day. We are open Monday through Wednesday from 10am until 5pm, Thursday fro 10am until 6pm and Friday and Saturday from 10am until 5pm. Call us at 504-885-9213 for an appointment.