How To Plan For The Best Wedding Photos

Wedding Photo TipsA wedding is one of the most special days for a couple. Unfortunately, after all of the planning, the day just seems to zoom by so quickly. So, in order to remember every moment, wedding photos are extremely important.

Don’t leave the photography up to just your guests or even the photographer. To make sure that you capture every decoration, food and drinks, and special person, it is important to make a plan.

Wedding Photography is different than other types of photography because you only have a single chance to get the right images. Most weddings only last a single day which means there is very little room for error on the part of the photographer. Everyone in the wedding party, including the bride, may be a little frazzled on the wedding day, so making a photo plan can really help make sure everything runs smoothly.

Pearl’s Place Bridal has put together some wedding photo tips in this article, and we hope they help you with your wedding planning.

Wedding Photo Tips

  1. Hire A Professional Wedding Photographer – If you can hire a professional wedding photographer, this is your best wedding photo tip to make sure you have the great photos. If you choose not to hire a photographer, make sure that you designate a couple of friends or family members to get all of the photos.
  2. Get A Contract – Make sure that you get a contract with all of the details from your professional photographer. The contract will include the dates, times, locations, and whether the final photos are provided digitally or in print. Also, find out if you own the copyright to the images.
  3. Meet with the Photographer – Make sure to have an in-person meeting or consultation with your photographer. Let the photographer know everything that will take place at your wedding from getting dressed to the send off. Let him/her know about anything special that will take place that you want to make sure to capture.
  4. Create a Timeline – Create a timeline that will let the photographer and the wedding party know when certain wedding events will take place. The timeline should include everything in order. Some examples include: the time to arrive to get dressed, makeup and hair, limo arrival, and so on. This will help the photographer plan for each shot.
  5. Write A Wedding Shot List – Make a list of all of the wedding shots that you want to make sure are photographed. Make sure to include the order and arrangement of all wedding party shots. Don’t forget to take photos of all of the great food, flower arrangements, rings, shoes and anything else that you may want to look back on as the year’s go by.
  6. Photo Friend – Whether you have a professional photographer or a friend with a camera, make sure that you have a friend that will help to arrange your dress, check your makeup, and fix any falling bobby pins. In many cases, the photographer or the assistant will catch these small flaws, but just in case, a photo friend is great support.
  7. Timing – The best time to capture photos is at dawn or dusk because the sun is in the perfect place in the sky for optimal lighting. If you can, time your wedding photos to be at one of these times.
  8. Makeup – Make sure to reapply your lipstick and add a little bit of powder throughout your wedding day. Photos will be taken throughout your wedding, so you want to always look fresh.
  9. Venue Rules – Make sure that you know all of the rules for each venue. Some locations have rules about lighting, where photographers can stand, confetti or sparklers.
  10. Wedding Book – After your wedding day has passed, you may want to consider creating a wedding book with the photographs. A wedding book is something you can treasure for years to come.

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Wedding Photo Tips