The Wedding Party Flower Girl

Flower Girl Dresses & Flower Girl TipsEvery member of a wedding party has at least one duty, even the flower girl. The average age of a flower girl is between four and eight years of age. After the age of eight, a younger wedding party member would become a junior bridesmaid. The flower girl’s duties can be quite intimidating for a young girl. But, the Pearl’s Place team has some great flower girl tips to help make your special day perfect.

What Are The Flower Girl’s Duties?

One of the most important duties of a flower girl is simply to look cute and adorable. But, she will also walk down the aisle in front of the bride or maid of honor carrying a basket and dropping rose petals as she walks. Many venues do not allow petals to be dropped, so many modern flower girls will carry a basket of flowers or a small bouquet. Once the flower girl walks down the aisle, she will either stand at the altar with the bridesmaids or sit with her parents during the ceremony. These duties may seem simple, but a little rehearsing can help with nerves and provide additional confidence.

What Does The Flower Girl Do At The Wedding Rehearsal?

Walking down the aisle may seem very simple, but everybody needs a little practice even the flower girl. It is important to practice how quickly or slowly she needs to walk down the aisle. If she is dropping flower petals or carrying a basket, it is important to practice dropping the petals and carrying the basket. Your flower girl will also need to practice walking in her dress. The dress may be longer than she is used to wearing or even uncomfortable. These obstacles need to be addressed before the big day.

Quick Flower Girl Tips:

  1. Dress & Shoes: Make sure the dress fits and the shoes are comfortable.
  2. Food: Make sure that your flower girl has eaten and taken a nap.
  3. Entertainment: Make sure to have something or someone entertain your flower girl prior to the ceremony. This helps with boredom and with nerves.
  4. Contingency Plan: Introduce your flower girl to all of your bridesmaids and maid of honor. They can come to the rescue in the event that your flower girl has trouble making it down the aisle.
  5. Friendly Face Placement: Consider placing friendly faces or people the flower girl knows down the aisle to help. Make sure to have the flower girl’s parents near the front at the finish line.
  6. Consider Two Flower Girls: Sometimes it is easier for the flower girls if they can have a friend walk with them down the aisle. Plus, it is doubly cute.

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