Importance Of A Wedding Thank You Note

While Weddings have evolved over time, the one element that will always be a timeless tradition is the wedding thank you note. They will always be a meaningful and timeless part of the wedding process. At the very least, a wedding thank you note acknowledges that you received a gift and helps to appropriately express your appreciation. But, more importantly, they remind a friend or loved one how much you appreciate their support and love.

Email Or Handwritten Thank You Card

Thank you note | Pearl's Place BridalIf an email is all that you will make time for, then an email thank you card will suffice.  However, a handwritten Thank You Note is the proper way to thank your wedding guests for supporting your big day and bringing a special gift. Writing a note takes time and effort and the recipient of the thank you note is aware of your effort and your thanks. It is important to make sure that everyone who should receive a thank you note does actually receive them. The list of the individuals who you should send one include: Guests who give you a wedding gift, Wedding Planner & Vendors, Your Parents, Wedding Party, and anyone else who made your day special.

Wedding Vendor Thank You Notes

Writing a thank you note to wedding vendors is a wonderful way to let them know how much you appreciated their hard work. From the wedding coordinator to the DJ/Band, they all were part of the magic that made your wedding perfect. Your note should be personalized to each of them and is best if it is handwritten and not an email. Try to highlight a couple of things that they did that was special. You can also write your vendors a review on Google, Facebook and/or Yelp. This is actually one of the best thank you’s that you can give because it can help their future business.

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