Best Wedding Tips

Weddings are a big deal! It doesn’t matter if you have 10 people or 500 hundred people. As soon as the bride has said “YES,” the planning will begin. After the bride-to-be has called everyone and announced the engagement online, the real nitty-gritty of the planning will start. Now, the ceremony and reception locations must be booked, bands and DJs must be coordinated, and don’t forget about the dress, shoes, jewelry, make-up and nails. Then, there are still the flowers, bridesmaids dresses, groomsmen’s attire, decorations, speeches, and catering. If you are not scared yet or you are excited about your wedding, check out our top secret wedding tips to help you plan some of the final details.

  1. Timing – Brides, as you, are scheduling one of the most important days of your life, make sure that the date does not conflict with anything else. Check with your family and friends to make sure everyone is free and available. Check local event calendars to make sure that there are no events that may conflict with your wedding. (Note: This includes football games). Also, and this is the one tip that is almost embarrassing to talk about, but make sure you check the time of the month that it does not coincide with your period. Remember, you most likely will be wearing white.
  2. Wedding List – You never realize how many friends, family and co-workers you have until you have to make a wedding list. You probably want to invite everyone, but remember your budget and venue capacity. Determine the cost per guest before adding too many guests to your list. This dollar value per guest also helps family members, like parents and grandparents, to reduce their lists as well.
  3. Wedding RSVPs – In general, people are not always the best at RSVPing even if you give them the RSVP card with stamp. People are a little bit better about RSVPing to weddings, but at an average cost of $50 to $100 per person or more, you really want a true head count. This wedding tip has a little bit of prep but can save you a lot of trouble in the end. Make sure your wedding list is numbered. On the back of each RSVP card,  place the number that corresponds to the guest on your wedding guest list on the back lower right corner. This is important because sometimes people forget to actually write their names and guest quantity on the cards. This way you can refer to your list and even call the guests to confirm. As your final head count day gets closer, you can refer to your list and see who has forgotten to RSVP. Sometimes guests may not have even received the invitation in the mail. Note: Create one more column on your wedding lists for gifts received. When you receive a gift, write/type the item in this column. This will help you with thank you cards later. 
  4. Photographer on Wedding Day – Photographs on your wedding day are extremely important. You will want those perfect moments to be captured forever. But, a little bit of prep does not hurt. Make a list of all of the photos you want the photographer to capture. Consider group photos, photo locations, and even some fun photos.
  5. Wedding Music – Make sure that your wedding band or DJ knows what music you like and what music you don’t like. Provide a list that contains the music that you want to be played at your wedding and even a list of music that better not be played. Make sure you let your DJ or Band know if they can accept song requests for guests. If you have a specific wedding song that you want to be played, make sure that you provide the song and make sure if it is digital that your DJ can actually play the music on his/her equipment.
  6. Wedding Day Prep – Never, Never have red wine or anything that could get on your wedding dress before you walk down the aisle. It is fun to get together with the bridesmaids and get hair and makeup done, but it can all be ruined by red wine. Make sure you have something to eat and drink for everyone including yourself, but try to limit alcohol and drink lots of water. If you have a young flower girl in your wedding party, make sure she gets a late nap in and is one of the last to get dressed so she doesn’t mess up her dress.
  7. After the Wedding Party – Make sure your caterer sets aside food for the bride and groom to enjoy later in the evening. Also, determine ahead of time if you will be joining your guests at a location for an after party. If you and your spouse want to continue to party with your guests, pick the place and let your guests know the venue.
  8. Stop and smell the roses – The most important wedding tip of all is just to stop and take a moment to look around and enjoy your wedding. This will be your wedding day that you have been planning for months if not years. Enjoy it.
  9. Thank You Cards – Do not neglect your thank you cards! This may be one of the most important wedding tips on this list. You may be able to send an email thank you to some guests and friends, but many of your guests would appreciate a hand written thank you card. Many brides ask their bridesmaids to help them with the thank you cards after the wedding. Wedding Tip: It is easier to write the thank you card as you receive each gift over waiting and doing them all at once.