Something Blue For Your Wedding Day

Did you know that the custom for a bride to wear “Something Blue” on the wedding day dates back the 1890s? It references an English rhyme that you may have heard that goes like this: “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in your shoe.” The something blue symbolizes purity, love and fidelity. There are a lot of options available to include the something blue such as jewelry, shoes, flowers, and even undergarments. There are no strict rules. You can wear it, you can hold it, you can even incorporate the something blue on the invitation. It is up to you, but here are 20 “something blue” options to consider as you continue to plan your wedding.

Don’t Be Scared To Hide Your Something Blue

Bridesmaid - Something Blue Bridesmaid dressesGarter – The garter is always a fun part of any wedding that includes this tradition. The garter toss tradition originated in England and France. It actually began when guests wanted to get a piece of the bride’s dress for good luck. As you can guess, this tradition needed to evolve to avoid ripping apart a wedding dress. To pacify the crowd and the tradition, the groom began tossing a piece of the bride’s wedding attire, the garter, at the end of the wedding to distract guests and allow the newlyweds a quick escape.

Underwear – Blue underwear is another fun secret way to hide the something blue and share the little secret with your betrothed.

Tights/Stockings – If you plan on wearing tights or stocking, why not include a little something blue on them? They can be embroidered in blue, have blue rhinestones, or even be blue themselves.

Shoes – Shoes are definitely a popular something blue item to add to your special day. You can purchase or you can paint the bottom of your shoes blue.¬† You can add a blue insole into your shoes for comfort. You can add an “I Do” shoe sticker to the bottom of your shoe. You can simply wear blue shoes.

Nail or Toe Polish – You can actually paint your finger nails and/or toe nails blue. Remember, there are lots of different hues when it comes to blue, so you can be subtle or bold with your selection.

Jewelry – Jewelry is a wonderful way to include blue. You can have a hair clip, blue Bobby pins, a blue ring, a blue bracelet or even a blue anklet. You can even cross off one other item of your list by borrowing your something blue from a friend or family member.

Dress Label – You can add an adorable custom monogram to your dress label that includes your future initials and the wedding date all in blue thread.

Purse/Clutch – Are you bringing a purse to your wedding? If so, consider making it your something blue.

Reception Dress – Are you thinking about a reception dress? Why not make a grand entrance in a beautiful blue cocktail reception dress?

Makeup or Glitter – Have you ever thought of adding a little blue to your makeup? Now, you don’t have to paint your eyelids in blue, but you can add it to your eyeliner or add a subtle blue glimmer to your powder.

You Don’t Have To Wear Your Something Blue At All

Invitation – Blue is a beautiful, classic color that can easily be included in your save the date cards, wedding invitation, or even thank you cards.

Bouquet – Blue can be included in the flowers of the bride’s bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquet, or even the groom’s or groomsmen butterier. It can be a blue flower or even a blue ribbon.

Flower Girl Dress – You can include the blue in your flower girl dress, whether the entire dress or just a sash. You can also coordinate the blue with a ring bearer blue pocket handkerchief.

Bridesmaid Dress – If you like the color blue, you may want to consider making it the color for your bridesmaids’ dresses.

Groom and Groomsmen Socks – There is something very fun about a little peek a boo of blue sock for the groom and the groomsmen. It may not be a traditional something blue, but it could be a lot of fun.

Blue favors – If you plan on giving our wedding favors to your guests, consider adding a splash of blue. You can give away something edible that is blue, blue playing cards, personalized hand sanitizer that is in a blue container, blue pens, blue candles, blue popcorn, or even blue Koozies. There are so many options.

Blue Ribbon – You can actually tie the two wedding bands together on the ring bearers pillow with blue ribbon.

Decorations – You can also add something blue to your decorations. It can be incorporated into the table clothes, napkins, seat covers, cocktail napkins, plates, or even in the table centerpieces.

Blue Specialty Cocktail – If you want to have a little more fun with your something blue, make a cocktail out of it. You can use food coloring or even incorporate a blue liquor like blue curacao into your recipe.

Wedding Cake or Groom’s Cake – You can add in your something blue into the design of your wedding cake or groom’s cake. It also does not have to be blue on the outside, but you can have the cake on the inside be blue.

There are so many ways that you can incorporate your something blue into your wedding day. Don’t be bogged down by this tradition, get inspired by it.