The Wedding Garter Toss

Wedding Garter The wedding garter toss is a pretty standard tradition. It is part of the bride’s lingerie worn under the wedding dress. Some brides use the accessory as their something blue.   At some point during the reception, the groom will remove the garter which is worn under the wedding dress. It is a piece of clothing, a small band of fabric, that is fastened around the leg. Back in the day, it was used to keep your stockings up. Nowadays, we don’t use garters for this purpose anymore since we have elastic which prevents our stockings from slipping down.

Garters & Western Wedding Traditions

The garter a bride wears underneath her wedding dress is usually not used to keep up her stockings. That is also why there is no rule on which leg can put this particular accessory, put it where it feels most comfortable. Traditionally the garter would be removed with the teeth, but some grooms opt to remove it by hand. There are several reasons why the groom removes the garter. Some say just taking a piece of the bride’s outfit will bring good luck.

The accessory can cost over $100 or just $10. How much you want to spend on your garter really depends on your budget and on how important this tradition is to you. The piece of clothing can be very elaborate made of lace and or just a simple band.

The toss of the garter is the male counterpart of the bouquet toss. Usually the bouquet toss comes before the garter toss. The bachelor who is lucky enough to catch the coveted piece of clothing is said to find love next. Many see the tradition as a lot fun and find it rather entertaining. However, if you feel the tradition is awkward, don’t worry about it. Remember this is your special day so you get to choose which traditions you would like to take part in.

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